What makes a good teacher?

Logically the next most important concern was how the teacher goes about imparting that knowledge – in other words, methodology.

Students complained vehemently about teachers who use up precious class time telling professional anecdotes. On the other hand, the importance of a teacher’s sense of humour and his ability to take the tension out of language learning was mentioned repeatedly.

Also stressed was the teacher’s preparation for the lesson and conscientious attitude toward student papers: “You can tell if he runs out of things to do before the bell rings”.

Discipline, although mentioned specifically by only a few, was hinted at by many.

Over half of the students had something to say about the student-teacher relationship. Most of all they expressed the desire for a sympathetic teacher who “remembers what it was like to be a student”.

 Lastly, just short of half of the students had something to say about the character of the teacher himself. A majority of the responses praised a teacher who is confident and who obviously enjoys his profession and specialization.

The students also referred to teacher's with endless patience and amiable disposition that could be provoked to anger only in extreme cases. The teacher’s voice was mentioned too: ”It shouldn’t be monotonous”, “You have to hear it in the back row”.

Finally, a surprising number were concerned about the appearance of the teacher.


All in all a good teacher is a person who’ll be one of the first to show you the right road in your life and to equip you with all necessary basic knowledge for the independent and decent future.